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Have you destroyed your posture through long hours in the office or long hours working on your laptop? 


No matter how much you stretch, it is so difficult to get your back to how it once was!

This concealed, breathable and lightweight lumbar corrector is your answer. Wear it at work, school or the gym and even afterwards in the evening.

When worn, it physically holds your shoulders back, aligning them to your collar bone by pulling them to the correct position. This upper back support instantly relieves any back pain and makes you stand tall and confident!

A posture brace may sound uncomfortable, but thanks to the soft lightweight (but strong) shoulder straps that prevent any skin pinching, you'll forget you even have it on. The breathable, latex-free material also keeps your back cool

Make your hunched, slouched shoulders a thing of the past! 

One size fits all! Adjustable for a 28" to 42" chest size


Recommended worn time

Posture brace should be worn daily for 15-25 minutes in the first few days and then increase it by 20 minutes every day. We suggest to not exceed wearing this for more than 9 hours at time (although this takes excessive training to get to this stage). A bit of discomfort is normal, but please do not over exert yourself with the brace. As your back and shoulders slowly adjust, you will build important muscle memory that cements the correct posture. Avoid over-tightening the brace by causing excessive tension. It should be snug but not tight or loose. Please remember this is a training tool and should not be seen as a permanent inclusion in your daily routine for the long term.